We are proud of the exceptional standards we apply

At Wind Power Support, we believe that responsible stewardship of the natural environment is essential for business efficiency and success.

We are proud of the very high standards we apply when complying with legislation regarding the protection of the environment, and we all take responsibility for our own actions but also work well as a team.

The international standard for Environmental Management Systems, ISO 14001:2004 provides the structure and coordination of our environmental policy and actions.

It includes all the environmental aspects of our work that is under control of Wind Power Support’s management, and also those people that management could reasonably influence – such as key suppliers, contractors and clients.

To clarify roles and responsibilities, specific duties are assigned to nominated employees covering subjects such as induction training, environmental impact of activities, risk assessments, workplace environmental audits, waste management and fuel and oil storage. Specialist support is also accessed to support individuals to carry out these tasks effectively.

Our aim is to maintain our record of zero notifiable events and our detailed policies and procedures and regular reviews help us to achieve this.

Hand in hand to protect the sea

"We have very detailed knowledge of the broad range of issues associated with offshore wind,
and our policies ensure that we respect the natural environment while carrying out our vital support work"

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