Wind Power Support’s founder and managing director Kurt Christensen spent more than 40 years working in the fishing industry before diversifying into offshore wind farm support.

Kurt Christensen

As a young teenager, he started as a runner on Grimsby Docks, and at 18 began training at the fish auctions. By the age of 21, he was working as an auctioneer for the country’s largest fish auction company – a notable achievement for a man so young.

At the age of 30, he formed a fishing vessels agent company and looked after the fishing fleet sailing to and from Grimsby and shore side operations.

This invaluable maritime experience meant that the Wind Power Support team could hit the ground running when the new venture was launched in 2008.

Our expertise soon came to the fore when we provided crucial assistance to Siemens and C-bed during the construction of the Lynn and Inner Dowsing wind farms.

Since then, the company hasn’t looked back. We have developed rapidly and now offer a comprehensive range of services and support. With our excellent understanding of the disparate needs of businesses involved in the offshore industry, we have quickly earned a reputation for innovative solutions that combine attention to detail with flexibility – to provide a truly first-class service.

Handing on our experience

"Our experience in the business means we have excellent knowledge of the big picture:
we understand the implications and impact of all the strands of work and advise and help clients accordingly."

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