Failure is not an option in this critical area of business

Wind Power Support takes the safety of its employees and clients very seriously, and has strict guidelines in place to ensure everything possible is implemented to prevent accidents on and offshore.

The company’s safety record is excellent and we continue to put great emphasis on this important aspect of doing business. At Wind Power Support, we go beyond meeting statutory requirements because safety is critical to the future of our business and we care about the welfare of everyone who works for, or with us.

Ranking equally with other business objectives, achieving good health and safety performance is consistent with overall successful business performance and a failure to integrate it properly into our operations is not an option.

We ensure that all employees are competent in executing the tasks assigned to them and they are given regular, specialist training, information and instruction to enable them to work safely and without undue risk.

Health and safety is an integral part of all of our operations, therefore each member of the organisation is charged with managing health and safety within their sphere of work.

You are in safe hands

"We have a wealth of experience in the maritime industry gained over 47 years of managing and owning fishing vessels.
We have proven that we can work safely in the hostile environment of the seas around the UK."

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